The xenon lighting category is created for all types of xenon lighting for vehicles such as car, motorcycle, truck and / or quad. We have a xenon conversion kit, spare parts for conversion bulbs and original xenon, original or universal xenon ballasts or control units and adapters.

Our car can have three options for low beam, high beam or high beam:

  • Halogen headlights: those of a lifetime. They have yellow bulbs.
  • Xenon headlights: they carry a whitish or bluish xenon bulb.
  • Halogen headlights: they have a light bulb or several white LED points.

If our car has the headlights of a lifetime we can replace the bulb with a xenon to illuminate much more. There is also the option to change the bulb for a led one. What difference there are? the xenon has more depth (it goes further) while the LED opens more. Either option is good since they will light twice as much as a normal light bulb.

If our car has xenon headlights, the bulbs will surely melt, so we will have to replace them. To do this, we will buy an original ZesfOr xenon bulb replacement that is of quality analogous to Osram or Philips but at half the price. The ideal in these cases is to change both bulbs even if only one has been blown so that they have the same power.

For the conversion to xenon, the first thing we have to know is which bulb we have in our car (h7, h11, h3, h4, h8, h9, 9006, 9005 or 9012), if our headlight has a magnifying glass or not, and if does or does not have a canbus system. We will know what bulb the car has because it will put it in the headlight itself inscribed in the lampshade at the top. We will know if it has a bus if a light bulb comes out when a light bulb burns out, indicating that the light has burned out.

Now we can opt for some xenon lights or others:

·        35w xenon kit: Indicated for those vehicles that do not have a canbus system and its headlight does not have a built-in magnifying glass. In this way, we recommend a 35w kit so that the light does not dazzle on the road.

·        35w xenon kit with canbus: As in the previous case, this kit is designed for cars that do not have a magnifying glass but do have a canbus.

·        55w xenon kit: These kits are created for vehicles that do not have a canbus system but the headlight does have a magnifying glass.

·        55w digital canbus xenon kit: Designed for cars with headlights with magnifying glass but with canbus. They are also called digital because the ballasts load faster, in less than a second.

·        We also have a xenon kit for trucks, in which the main difference is the volts. The current of the electrical system of trucks, unlike the current of cars and motorcycles, operates at 24 volts. For this reason, the control units of these xenon kits are different, although the bulbs work at both volts.

·        Original Xenon replacement D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S in 6000k (pure white) or 4300k (warm white). Ideal to replace the original xenon bulbs. For further info, click here: best HID conversion kit

Advantages of ZesfOr xenon lights:

If you are undecided because you are not clear on the difference between a xenon conversion kit or the halogen bulbs you are using today, what distinguishes them the most is the light they emit. With xenon you gain up to 80% visibility on the roads and, with this, you reduce the risk of having and / or causing an accident.